Timber Bridge at LongPoint Corridor

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Timber Bridge at LongPoint Corridor

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For the past few years, CRÈME has been working on the Timber Bridge at LongPoint Corridor, a floating passageway made of wood. Between Brooklyn and Queens, there is a unique opportunity to improve pedestrian transit, create green spaces, and connect the communities of Long Island City and Greenpoint into a new neighborhood we call LongPoint. Timber Bridge at LongPoint Corridor calls for constructing a floating bridge made of durable timber that would sit on Newtown Creek and expand past to the LIRR rail yard in LIC. Not only would it provide people greater access to transit options, according to the design team, Timber Bridge would give bikers and pedestrians a safer commute than the Pulaski Bridge, a less-than-ideal path with lots of cars.

The LongPoint Corridor will continue beyond the creek and 54th Avenue in Long Island City and cross over the LIRR rail yard. The surrounding rail yard currently has many parking lots and is not “living up to its full potential,” according to the firm’s presentation. Greenpoint’s Manhattan Ave Landing currently has a small park, but the project calls for more storefront and retail opportunities to make it more enjoyable for commuters and visitors.

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