Scarpetta Tokyo

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Scarpetta Tokyo

  • client Mori Trust and LDV Hospitality
  • location Tokyo, Japan
  • status Completed 2022
  • photographer Yasuyuki Takagi
  • area 2,799 sq ft

Located within the Tokyo EDITION, Scarpetta Tokyo creates a welcoming environment by layering organic elements that capture the essence of Japan’s love of nature. Consisting of a straightforward and purposeful design, the restaurant curates an ambiance of effortless elegance.

Accentuating the verticality of the space, the design team incorporates a two-tiered ceiling along with decorative flutes and scallops within the walls and columns; maintaining a sense of human scale and touch, they layered materials that feel organic and warm, including dark woods paired with patterns and colors inspired by the seasonal changes in Japanese flora. Opening the space, CRÈME integrates three expansive mirrors in four tinted colors with a modern stained-glass motif.

To maintain the moody, convivial feel of its New York roots, the design team incorporates a variety of seating arrangements including cozy booths and elevated bar stools under architectural lighting forms that were custom-made to appear as if they’ve been there for years. CRÈME celebrates the restaurant’s streetscape location by strategically locating the bar within a corner surrounded by a floor-to-ceiling glass façade. Dividing the main restaurant from the bar, an open archway and ribbed glass wall create a dramatic street view for patrons and passersby.

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