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Jun hails originally from Japan. As the child of a journalist, he grew up in New York and Japan, and traveled extensively with his family. While studying Architecture at Brooklyn’s Pratt Institute, he felt disconnected from academic and theoretical tendencies, but discovered his newfound love for restaurant design offered him more instant gratification. This lead him to the acclaimed Rockwell Group, where he spent the next five years leading the design for a number of award-winning projects. In 2004, he decided to set up his own shop, in a sublet loft in Williamsburg, Brooklyn.

As he continues to make his own mark within the hospitality-specific design industry, Jun leads with the belief that the desire to do good for others is at the core of hospitality, and that this approach can be applied to other design disciplines.

At CRÈME, Jun encourages a culture of collaboration and an idea democracy. He truly believes that no idea is to small and that thinking outside the box leads to rethinking limitations and creatively pushing the envelope. He strives to lead by example; he loves to get his hand dirty and champions the hands-on approach.

Jun is a registered architect in New York State, where he currently lives with his wife, Fanny Allie, and their son, Luka.

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