Wonder 500, Midtown, New York City


Completed, 2016


Midtown, New York City



Exhibition Design

CRÈME designed the display units for The Wonder 500™ exhibit in New York City. This exhibition showcases 500 unique Japanese products that include food items, manufacturing goods, fashion accessories, crafts and more. It consists of 500 items from all 47 Japanese prefectures, all which were carefully that selected by 30 of Japan’s top expert producers. The inspiration behind the display design is the Japanese bento box. Each compartment is measured and designed to fit the specific product it’s showcasing, highlighting the craftsmanship of each item. The divisions consist of mostly straight angles with a few diagonals that break the grid. The Black MDF material is an unexpected choice that incorporates an element of mystery, which allows the viewer to approach these custom-made displays and take a closer look at the details. After the exhibition, the displays are to be re purposed as a shelving unit system.