Village Whiskey, Atlantic City, NJ


Completed, 2012


Atlantic City, NJ


4,200 square feet

Interior Design

José Garces brings the bourbon and burgers to Revel in Atlantic City at Village Whiskey. The restaurant facade is outfitted with cornice, awnings, and a brick wall adorned with a mural of the Village Whiskey’s logo that evokes an atmosphere of American turn-of-the-century social club. Within the space, tufted russet booths and marble tabletops are purposefully raised to align with the dark bar stools and zinc bar top, creating a communal environment. Behind the bar, over a hundred varieties of whiskey, bourbon, rye, and scotch stand next to antique mirrors and mini whiskey barrels. Textured glass windows are set high on the walls, transmitting light into the restaurant while creating an environment away from the bustling casino where one can enjoy old-fashioned eats. Modern lighting fixtures and stainless steel encasements in front of the bar shelves add a contemporary touch to the classically outfitted space.