Spa Nail, Soho, New York City


Completed, 2013


Soho, New York City


800 square feet

Interior Design

The architectural shell of the Spanail salon is classic Soho, with its exposed brick walls and shiny tin ceiling. But the interior elements are clean, linear and bright, inspired by modern Japanese aesthetics. A wooden trellis dresses the back and side walls, housing symmetrically-arranged display shelves neatly filled with products and decorative accessories. Its natural-tone wood louvers allow light to stream through from behind, gracefully illuminating the objects on display and providing a pleasant visual experience to seated guests. Decorative pendants that double as task lights hang over a solid wood service table with comfortable guest chairs. Plants and decorative white metal trees enliven the space, while soft, cushioned seats invite guests to linger in the spa’s relaxing atmosphere. These minimal elements, combined with dimmable spot lighting, bright finishes, and an unobstructed glass window and mirror, infuse Spa Nail with a luxurious glow, making the salon right at home among its neighboring Soho boutiques.