Sleeper Bar, London, United Kingdom


Complete, 2018


London, United Kingdom


Crème is bringing its distinct brand of design to London by way of the Sleeper Bar at the Sleep + Eat event in November,2018. Following in the wake of previous Sleeper pop-up bars by international design practices, Crème will reflect its story-telling experiential design approach during its first showcase in the UK. Embracing the theme ‘Recognisable and New’, the Sleeper Bar furthers the practice’s explorations of traditional ancient, natural, plant-based dying processes, while celebrating the colour indigo in today’s context. First explored in 2017 with the Crème Indigo Chair, the bar will highlight the intensity and beauty of an indigo-dyed wood finish as well as provide participants a vibrant place to meet and drink during the event. The space will also feature the launch of the biodegradable HyO-Cup, for which Crème developed a process to grow gourds in moulds as a sustainable alternative to disposable cups.