Sky Condo, Lima, Peru


Competition, 2012


Lima, Peru


274,500 square feet


Cascade Lofts is located at the south-west corner of Lima Golf Club, with excellent views of the Golf Club to the north and the Pacific Ocean to the south. The design of each residential unit maximizes both these views through duplexes configured as L-shape unit blocks. On the north side, the taller space is reserved for a double-height living room that opens itself to the expansive view of the Golf Club, while the single-story space provides privacy for the master bedroom. On the south side, the taller end of each unit’s envelope is divided between a kitchen/dining area or a study and guest bedroom on the mezzanine, while the single-story space contains the smaller bedrooms. These L-shaped units are flipped and stacked on one another, creating a distinctive overall composition that lends visual interest to the building while simultaneously maximizing floor area ratio. A circulation core is located in the middle of the building, and each unit features a grand entry that opens onto a view of the private double-height garden. The design criterion of a pool for each residential unit figures prominently in each loft becoming a distinguishing feature of the overall design. The pools are located on the north façade, occupying the space outside of each unit’s living room. The façade of the building is serviced by two plumbing lines that run concurrently, one which fills the pools on each level, and the other which creates a vertical water feature across the face of the building. The course of the water plays with the stacked order of the residential units, such that the pools are visually linked through a series of cascading waterfalls.