Reunion Cafe, Brooklyn, NY


Completed, 2014


Brooklyn, NY


500 square feet

Interior Design

Reunion Café is a collaborative vision between Crème and a Brooklyn native, who recognized the need for a combination quick-service/casual dining, farm-to-table café in an under-served section of Williamsburg. Centered in this 650 square foot space is a large communal bench made from reclaimed heart pine wood.  In order to extend the idea of a shared public space, Crème created this bench as an alternative to the commonly designed communal table. This bench attaches to a crate-like wall display of vintage toys; allowing for the seating area to be used for both dining and play. Across from this seating area, the main wall’s surface is finished with Chalkboard paint that creates a playful and interactive menu display drawn by local artists. The cafe provides a casual but somewhat upscale feel with a strong focus on taste and quality to attract professionals, business owners, tourists, apartment residents and families. With a rustic-industrial feel that is ubiquitous to the Brooklyn neighborhood, this intimate sandwich and coffee shop serves as a classic neighborhood hub with strong ties to the community.