Mr. Purple, Lower East Side, New York City


Completed, 2015


Lower East Side, New York City


7,000 square feet

Interior Design

Mr. Purple is often considered the godfather of the urban gardening movement, his “Garden of Eden” plays an integral part in the history of Manhattan’s vibrant LES neighborhood. The bright open space at the Indigo Rooftop Bar recreates an artist-loft ambiance that pays tribute to this unique NYC icon, reflecting the characteristics of an intrinsically American countercultural figure. Upon entering, you’re greeted by a statuesque host stand and an abstract neon sign hanging on the back wall. In the main area, the extensive bar acts a focal point with the downtown area as a backdrop visible through a tall glass façade. The loft ambiance is displayed through the use of reclaimed wood structures juxtaposed with concrete, metal and free hanging lights placed above the contemporary wooden furniture. The indoor bar is complemented by two additional spaces. The first, a small intimate terrace with an outdoor seating area. The second and larger terrace is outfitted with its own bar, swimming pool and a variety of seating options. The center seating section of the large terrace is defined by metal posts connected by a flowing white drapery that provides shade during the day and at night is equipped with festoon lighting for the ultimate NYC outdoor nightlife experience.