Lugo, Atlantic City, NJ


Completed 2012


Atlantic City, NJ


5,400 square feet

Interior Design

Lugo captures the convivial charm of Italian café culture. Booths, banquettes and café tables cater to a range of guests whether a party of two or a large party celebrating a special occasion. Vintage black and white images of vacationers on Italian beaches, soccer leagues, and cafés in Rome hang in the dining room, enforcing the social and nostalgic mood that pulsates through the warm space. White oak mill work is accented with satin nickel metalwork while a stunning zinc counter serves as both a liquor bar on one end and pizza station – complete with Berkel slicer – on the other. A nook behind the service counter is lined with large cans of tomatoes and other Italian staples, mimicking the pantry of hospitable Italian grandmothers of generation after generation.