Garces Trading Company, Philadelphia, PA


Completed, 2010


Philadelphia, PA


2,900 square feet

A venture by Iron Chef Jose Garces, this gourmet café includes a sit-in diner, a flower stand, bakery and a market filled with Garces’ house-made and imported gourmet foods. Merchant ships and European markets are the aesthetic inspirations for the design, with high black tin ceiling and walls of white subway tile creating a comfortable and airy atmosphere. Oak millwork dining tables and zinc countertop display cases continue to showcase the functional and timeless look. Powder-coated, spun aluminum lighting sconces are outfitted with metal gas pipes for an industrial look, and large custom globe pendants with blackened metal cages line the ceiling together with rustic signs to describe each section. Crème also designed all the packaging for the Garces products including the merchant ship logo, condiment glass jars, parchment coffee bags, oil bottles and metal vats.