Flowery Night, Brooklyn, NY


Competition, 2012


Brooklyn, NY


1.52L x 1.52W x 1.52H


The Flowery Night was developed from carpet remnants for Interior Design Magazine’s Idea Lab 2012.  It is a hiding space and play house for children, animals and the young at heart. Built from recycled carpet cut into teardrop and flower formations, the intricate pattern creates a domed veil that provides privacy and transparency for its occupants. The visual effect of looking through the carpet veil is similar to a seeing through a hedge in a garden. Inspired by the dynamic sky in Vincent van Gogh’s painting The Starry Night (1889), the organic shapes of the interlocked carpet skin situate the viewer in a position to gaze through the rug as if looking into swirling sky. The dome references Native American mounds, igloos, “pup” camping tents and planetariums. With this intention, the sculpture invites the audience to enter, interact, look through and touch the hand crafted surface and structure.