Earth Music and Ecology, Japan


Completed, 2009




1,500 square feet

Interior Design

To create a cohesive image for Earth Music and Ecology, a Japanese clothing and accessories company, Crème sought to recreate the feeling of home within the retail environment, drawing from the charm of both country houses and city apartments. Organic and geometric patterns are used throughout the space, including a stenciled white pattern on the concrete floor, a green printed vine pattern on the ceiling, and the laser cut leaves on the metal light shades. Symmetrical sections of green and white wallpaper also line the inside of the shelves and displays. All of the display benches, which house the folded clothing, are made with random sections of wood and metal to create a sawhorse shape, or a standard upright shelf. Comfortable seating areas are outfitted with upholstered chairs, ottomans and benches, stained wood shelving, and various tea cups, picture frames, and other antiques.