Danji, Hell’s Kitchen, New York City


Completed, 2010


Hell’s Kitchen, New York City


500 square feet

Interior Design

Danji, which refers to Korean clay jars used to hold kimchi, soy sauce and other Korean kitchen staples, is an intimate 33-seat Hell’s Kitchen restaurant that serves an inventive mix of modern and traditional Korean cuisine with a refined small plate’s concept. Chef and owner, Hooni Kim – formerly of Daniel and Masa – developed the idea for Danji based on his passion for showcasing bold, authentic Korean flavors prepared with classical French culinary techniques. The washed and muted tones of a pottery studio where various clay forms are in the process of spinning, drying, and firing spearheaded the design by Crème. The ceiling fabric panels that hang above the dining, sets the mood for an elegant and modern interior. The panels’ spectrum of colors are striking counterpoint to neutral material palette; clean white brick walls, blonde maple wood tables, and gray temple roof tiled back dining wall.  The utilitarian objects like glass jar bar pendant and Korean metal and wooden spoon screen are repurposed to convey customized, handcrafted appeal.