Classics, Tokyo, Japan


Completed, 2008


Tokyo, Japan


800 square feet

Interior Design

Classics is a popular Japanese handkerchief store inside the Roppingi Hills Tower. For their Tokyo location, Crème designed a unique display system of natural materials that creates a lively environment to accentuate the merchandise without overpowering it. White washed wood is used in all the flooring, cabinetry and display cases. Dark blackened metal lines the glass shelves and is used in the four central trees. These contrasting dark and light elements are balanced by velvet that backs the upright displays and natural fiber wallpaper. Branch patterns laser cut out of mdf are applied to the ceiling and then painted white to create a subtle effect which mimics the organic boughs of the metal trees in the center. The overall atmosphere at Classics is functional yet sweet, the perfect impression for a handkerchief store.