Brooklyn Heights Hotel, Brooklyn Heights, NY


In Progress, 2015


Brooklyn Heights, NY




We transform the oldest building in Brooklyn Heights’ first historic district into a unique hotel. By preserving the neighborhood character and building upon it, the new hotel will attract locals, and visitors alike. Here we examine architectural and programmatic solutions that will turn the hotel into a local main stay and a destination. The new space will provide a distinguished Brooklyn experience to those who seek a truly memorable stay. Creating spatial connections between otherwise unlinked areas generate new interactions. The lobby is no longer just a waiting area, but serves as a hub which links all the hotel amenities together. Through the double height space, natural spacial hierarchies are articulated – some areas are more activated, some more passive, allowing the guest to chose where he or she feels comfortable. The street is brought indoors through retail components that represent the neighborhood. Most areas allow for transformation throughout the days and weeks. The yoga room turns into an event space, the restaurant is not just a place to have a meal but also a place to work and meet. This is made possible by seamless technology throughout the hotel. The hotel is more than a place for a short term stay, it is a space where the guests mingle with the locals. A concept not yet existing in Brooklyn Heights.