BQE Development, New York, NY


Competition, 2009


New York, NY


0.6 miles


This redesign of the Brooklyn Queens Expressway in North Brooklyn takes the 0.6 mile stretch of the BQE from Metropolitan Avenue to McGuiness Boulevard and buries it underground. The elevated highway, when buried underground, exposes a linear patch of untouched urban land that is available for development. This land would be retained as an open park. Adjacent blocks which are currently vacant or of low land value will benefit significantly from this development. A new zoning resolution shall be established that will allow for commercial development and low rise residences. Schools and health care facilities will be erected along this park. Careful considerations would restrict the height of new surrounding buildings, while cultural institutions would be encouraged to take root along the span of the above ground garden. The abundance of artists in the region will spur creative activity and bring vitality to the area. All of these benefits, with the subsequent rise in land value of the adjacent lots and extending neighborhood, will offset the cost of the reconstruction.