Indigo Exchange Chair, 2017


526 W x 506 D x 761 H (mm)


Ash, Copper Plated Steel & Natural Indigo

Cut Sheet

The indigo dyed Special Edition Exchange Chair for Stellar Works is a part of Crème’s expanded Exchange Collection. This chair explores traditional natural dying techniques while celebrating the beauty of indigo. First designed for the brand in 2016, the contemporary Exchange dining chair draws inspiration from the traditional Windsor form but exchanges the conventional wooden spindles and stretcher for steel. This exchange shows the new life and design that can be brought into a well-worn piece of furniture. Stellar Works has sought the expertise of natural indigo producers in Guizhou, a village in South China, to create the perfect indigo dye and inform production process of the special edition indigo chair. The dye for the indigo Exchange was organically grown and harvested by Guizhou villagers and applied through traditional hand-dyeing techniques, including batik of wood. The special edition indigo chair further transforms the original design by using copper spindles to contrast with vibrant indigo dyed wood. The intensity of the indigo finish depends the length of time in which the wood is soaked.