Denver Block Development, Denver, CO


In Progress, 2015


Denver, CO



The Denver Block Development identity unifies the story of historical buildings and new development in Lower Downtown Denver, otherwise known as Lodo. As someone walks onto the Block, they know they have arrived with inlays of branding at the building facade, and inlaid into the locally quarried stone at their feet. Surface applied building names and numbers cue to the Block’s rich history. Grand corner blade signage is read from passing commuters, while rooftop signage unifies the Block at all levels. The Alley is the thread that binds tenants of the Block. Architecture, storefronts and signage pay homage to the site’s rich history as a hub of production and trade. Warm, glowing storefronts and engaging signage invite pedestrians and the Block’s makers alike to discover the transformation of raw materials into curated goods.